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Five towns, which have decided to launch a campaign focused on the development of urban tourism. The aim of the campaign was to present towns as attractive places offering a wide range of leisure possibilities.


Organising a breakfast for journalists as a background for campaign presentation. The client required a complete organisation of the event, a moderator keeping the press conference running smoothly and on message, design and publication of promotional materials as well as the development of press conference scenario.


The clients did not have a definite concept of key message they wanted to communicate and their opinions of several issues significantly differed.


We made a list of journalists and bloggers dealing with tourism. Based on available information we prepared a press conference scenario as well as key messages that are to be communicated. The scenario was developed so as to leave enough room for presentation of individual towns and the campaign in general. We suggested our clients that they should present findings of a public opinion poll, which offers interesting data on tourism and preferences of Slovak citizens.


Breakfast with journalists took place in Bratislava and was attended by nearly 20 journalists from print, electronic and audio-visual media. All key media in Slovakia informed about the campaign. Many journalists were so interested in the subject that they kept reporting about it within next months.

We found in getCLIENTS that sensitivity, high attention and deep understanding that are crucial when communicating for the nonprofit sector. getCLIENTS consultants are very professional, solution-oriented, proactively trying to identifying new PR opportunities. They manage to successfully promote our projects in Slovak media, in times when journalists’ attention is directed mostly on the economic and political scene, and less on issues such as social integration, education, contemporary culture.

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