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When a company cares about employees and positive atmosphere at a workplace


A company with expertise spanning two centuries, diverse industries and more than 90 countries, which brings world-class science and engineering to the global marketplace through innovative products, materials and services. The company introduces thousands of new products and patent applications every year, serving markets as diverse as agriculture, nutrition, electronics and communications, safety and protection, home and construction, transportation and apparel. In Slovakia the company employs 110 people.


Our task was to develop a concept of the presentation of company´s new majority shareholder, corporate values and prospects to the employees of a Slovak branch within one day.


The change of company´s owner did not meet with a positive response. The employees were afraid of losing their jobs, cutting wages and benefits.


We provided the client with a comprehensive proposal of employee communication. The proposal was based on the fact that employees respecting the company and its brand are motivated to perform better and are more loyal. The internal communication of changes was planned for a single day, which was to create the so-called turning point, the moment for inner branding. The internal communication messages were carefully harmonised with those of the external communication to avoid any misunderstandings and maintain the integrity.

All communication activities and the programme in general were proposed to enable employees to get to know a new owner, and learn company´s 200-year history as well as its future prospects. By creating a pleasant and unique atmosphere we stressed the employer´s openness and positive approach. The colour of decoration corresponded to the colour scheme used in company´s logo. In the morning, every employee was greeted by a man wearing a historic costume resembling the company´s founder and with the representatives of a regional management.

The employees could take part in a wide range of entertainment activities, such as a knowledge quiz or a wishing wall. In the afternoon the employees moved to the hotel, where a “town hall meeting” was held. The programme culminated with a dinner party.


With a highly professional approach we managed to get a lot of mileage out of a small budget. The result of a daylong internal campaign was effective and clear introduction of a new owner, company´s long history, achievements, values and future prospects. Professionally prepared and managed internal communication significantly contributed to a better atmosphere in the company and the acceptance of changes.

Firma getCLIENTS pre nás usporiadala v roku 2014 až dve podujatia – novoročný večierok pre zamestnancov vo februári a teambuilding počas letných mesiacov. So službami agentúry getCLIENTS sme boli veľmi spokojní. My aj naši zamestnanci nesmierne oceňujú originalitu, partnerský prístup a najmä precízne prevedenie všetkých nápadov. Taktiež oceňujeme fakt, že všetci dodávatelia, s ktorými agentúra pracuje sú profesionáli vo svojich oblastiach. Z každého podujatia, ktoré pre nás getCLIENTS organizovali, sme mali dojem, že majiteľkám nesmierne záleží na tom, aby bolo podujatie jedinečné a nezabudnuteľné. Na agentúru getCLIENTS sa radi obrátime aj v budúcnosti.

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