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Corporate Identity

When the communication is to support the sales and address new markets


An engineering company with a 20-year-long tradition of developing, manufacturing and supplying automated lines in the areas such as transportation, handling, packaging and filling of different types of products. The company is a business leader and aspires to expand into international markets.


Our task was to create a new corporate identity and communication strategy. The existing corporate identity (logo, website, promotional materials, business cards, etc.) dated back to the company´s establishment and failed to meet current criteria relating to graphic design and technological solutions. The task also included a draft of a communication strategy towards foreign partners and potential clients.


Though being fully aware of the necessity of a change in the corporate identity, the company´s founder perceived changes very sensitively, like the end of an important phase in company´s history. In terms of communication with foreign partners, the biggest challenge was to find things that would distinguish the company from competition.


Every change was explained to the owner in detail, taking into account all the possible concerns and comments.


We created a new corporate identity, while preserving the colour scheme used in company´s logo since its establishment. We designed a new logo, which characterised company´s current direction, as well as a new website. We created templates of individual divisions, intended for internal use of the employees. Business cards, headed notepaper and promotional materials were redesigned too.

As the company actively participates in international fairs, we designed new promotional materials, roll-ups and banners. The company enhanced its presentation on markets abroad in the form of a direct communication as well as through professional social networks or a quarterly published newsletter.

We found in getCLIENTS that sensitivity, high attention and deep understanding that are crucial when communicating for the nonprofit sector. getCLIENTS consultants are very professional, solution-oriented, proactively trying to identifying new PR opportunities. They manage to successfully promote our projects in Slovak media, in times when journalists’ attention is directed mostly on the economic and political scene, and less on issues such as social integration, education, contemporary culture.

Die ERSTE österreichische Spar-Casse Privatstiftung, Viedeň