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When you believe that combining the ideas, knowledge and enthusiasm results in extraordinary innovations


We have worked in a non-profit sector for more than ten years. As we are very familiar with the environment, we really admire organisations that do their job well. Since 2005 we have tried to enhance the cooperation between businesses and non-profit organisations.

Establishing our own business, we took for granted that one day we would implement a CSR project of our own. So the question was not whether to implement it but when and what kind of a project.


Designing and implementing an ambitious project: education centre for the staff of non-profit organisations, which would provide continuous education and first-class lectors with practical experiences.


We realise that technology, information and new generations bring about changes in almost every area of life. What was good and new ten years ago is now old and defunct. The world is changing fast and those who want to succeed must understand what´s going on. And they must be able to sell their knowledge, skills and experience. As non-profit organisations do not operate in isolation, their activities are affected by changing environment and increasing demands. The ability to accommodate, to develop new skills and communicate effectively becomes a key competence, which should be developed continuously.

Today to be successful requires to be well versed in new trends, to educate and acquire new skills on a permanent basis. The market offers a terrific number of education products. Yet, there are only a few that take into account the needs of non-profit organisations, which is not true of new trends. Based on available information, long-time experience and acquired knowledge we came up with getADVANTAGE Centre in 2014.

We have involved other partners, companies and organisations in the project. Like us, they believe that efficient and successful management of a non-profit organisation requires continuous education and development of skills. From the very beginning this initiative has been supported by Microsoft Slovakia, Develor, and epic.


By opening the getADVANTAGE Centre we have provided the staff of non-profit organisations with a unique space, where they can round off their education or develop their skills. The Centre cooperates with highly professional trainers as well with renowned education institutions applying the latest teaching methods. The trainings are designed to provide conceptual education and bring a measurable effect.

Together with lectors we have prepared 36 trainings and webinars, attended by 263 people from 128 non-profit organisations. We have also managed to organise a very successful NGO Day, attended by over one hundred guests from both business and non-profit sectors. The feedback was very positive. We are motivated to continue, as up to 98% of participants appreciate professionalism and expertise of the lectors and 99 % of them would recommend the training.

Spoločnosť getCLIENTS v roku 2013 zabezpečovala pre Top centrum podnikateliek organizáciu Európskeho dňa podnikateliek a manažérok, ktorý sa konal prvý raz v Európe. Na trojdňovom podujatí pod záštitou manželky prezidenta pani Silvie Gašparovičovej sa okrem podnikateliek zo Slovenska zúčastnili aj podnikateľky a manažérky z Českej republiky, Talianska, Nemecka, Chorvátska, Monaka a Ukrajiny. Celá organizácia bola mimoriadne náročná programovo aj organizačne. Tím spoločnosti getCLIENTS preukázal mimoriadnu profesionalitu, čím prispel k úspešnému priebehu celého podujatia.

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