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Communication with interest groups

When the client knows exactly what he wants, but the target group thinks otherwise


An institution belonging to the network of information offices of EU institutions; its role is to organise various events and develop links with professional groups, journalists, media and representatives of political and social life in Slovakia.


Our task was to organise a meeting of the European Parliament members with stakeholders in the regions of Slovakia, and thus create a room for discussion about a strengthened role of the European Parliament. The client required a complete organisation of meetings including the selection of guests from various areas: business sector, media, non-profit organisations, etc.


The European Parliament elections are still mostly ignored in Slovakia. The public does not attach a great importance to them, and the role of MEPs is often perceived negatively as the one that has no significant impact on everyday life of citizens of EU Member States.


We addressed every target group separately, stressing a key contribution of the European Parliament and MEPs´ activities to individual groups. We chose communication tools and messages acceptable for particular groups.


Regional meetings met with a very positive response among the representatives of business sector, non-profit organisations and media. High participation of stakeholders and the quality of discussion exceeded client´s expectations.

V decembri 2013 sme usporadúvali event pre najvýznamnejších klientov spoločnosti SPP-distribúcia. Na zorganizovanie eventu sme si vybrali firmu getCLIENTS. So službami agentúry sme boli veľmi spokojní. Najviac oceňujeme ľudský prístup a promptné a flexibilné riešenie každej požiadavky, ktorá z našej strany vystala.

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