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Managing customers relationships

August, 2015

  1. Úspešne s kožou na trh

    Úspešne s kožou na trh

    Dobre si pamätám na ten okamžik, kedy sme sa spoločne s Rostyou Gordon Smith rozhodli napísať motivačnú knihu.

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  2. Výnimočné maličkosti podčiarkujúce štýl a osobnosť úspešnej ženy

    Výnimočné maličkosti podčiarkujúce štýl a osobnosť úspešnej ženy

    „Štýl je spôsob, ako povedať kto ste bez jediného slova,“ hovorí svetoznáma módna štylistka a dizajnérka Rachel Zoe

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  3. CSR mind shift: from “why” to “how”

    CSR mind shift: from “why” to “how”

    It took several years and attempts for European Commission to come up with the definition of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) that is clear, self-explanatory and does not require two-page debrief to comprehend philosophy behind.

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We found in getCLIENTS that sensitivity, high attention and deep understanding that are crucial when communicating for the nonprofit sector. getCLIENTS consultants are very professional, solution-oriented, proactively trying to identifying new PR opportunities. They manage to successfully promote our projects in Slovak media, in times when journalists’ attention is directed mostly on the economic and political scene, and less on issues such as social integration, education, contemporary culture.

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